About Us

Binary Web Works is a firm which offers Design, Development and everything ancillary for start-ups/Internet Companies from all around the world, E-commerce, Portfolios, Inventory systems we cover all genres of internet technologies
Our Values
We believe that web presence forms a brand value of the company and it becomes really important for your concern to mark a presence across all digital platform and we strive to stand out from and creating a unique presence in the same eco system
How to get Support?
Nothing should stop you from achieving your dreams, not even geogrpahy hence we provide a periodic and organised supporting by forming timelines and planning iterations according to your needs
Where can you find us?
We are here! right on your computers screens, forming a minute part of the world wide web www.binarywebworks.com or email us support@binarywebworks.com
Why you choose our Binary Web Works
We believe providing the most diverse solutions not a mainsatream one because we work towrads creating the most custom and appealing platforms be it mobile applications, websites, videos or logos

We Design/Develop your...

  • Brand
  • Business
  • Concept
  • E-Commerce
  • Online Inventory
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We provide services to start ups looking for designers and developers and cover everything related to it

Front End DevelopmentOutstanding Design layouts for the most user friendly experience to make your website stand out of the herd with international standards

Back End DevelopmentCoding on one of the best Back end Platform "NODE.JS" know more.

Logo DesignOut of the box designs available in all formats, stationery, merchandise, etc

E-Commerce SolutionWe don’t keep up with the trend we make one, providing e commerce solutions for any kind of products with payment gateway integrations and what not

ProductionsWant to make a youtube video for your product or your company with the best equipment and post production solutions and high quality content

Marketing and Flow StrategyIf you are entering the digital world for the first time, then we have your back! Tell us your idea and we will give life to your imagination

Why us ?

Binary Web Works builds backend on NODE.JS Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications.Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

Faster Websites

Node.js is a back end language which is 300x faster than PHP which makes your websites outstanding.


Binary Web Works develops websites in a manner where in it is immune to DDOS and other kinds of attacks which makes you projects secure.

Powerful Performance

Binary Web Works provides tons of optimized code that are completely customizable and deliver unmatched fast performance.


A dream, Imagination and your project should have no limitations. Just give us a hint and we will do the rest.

Future Proof

Companies like Microsoft, Paypal, Github, Uber use this future proof technology and we at Binary Web Works want your project to be a step ahead in the game, always.

Staying ahead in the game

A well coded website based on Node.js can handle 25000 requests at a time.

Happy Clients

Client Servicing and customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Our Work

Binary Web Works has designed and developed more than 20 high websites and application from all over the world (with love) Check them out!.

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